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UC Health Public Safety

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About Us

The UC Health Public Safety is officially recognized as the Law Enforcement Agency of jurisdiction for the UC Health of Cincinnati. The Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most comprehensive security and police services for patients, visitors and associates. Current staff consists of the Chief, four (4) Lieutenants, two (2) Sergeants, twenty three (23) full-time officers, twelve (12) part-time officers, and three (3) full-time dispatchers.


Of the fourty three (43) officers, thirty five (35) are certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council and hold a Commission through the Governors Office of the State of Ohio, under Ohio Revised Code 4973.17. Officers are vested with full police powers while on Health Alliance owned or leased property. Those powers include but are not limited to arrest, search & seizure and full authority to enforce the laws of the State of Ohio.


 The Department of Public Safety utilizes many tools to maintain a high level of safety and security throughout the UC Health. The Department maintains an extensive Closed Circuit T.V. system. The system is directly linked to the Telecommunications Department where staff monitors for any suspicious or criminal activity. The entire system is recorded on a state of the art digital recording system, which provides for the immediate recovery and review of recorded data as needed. The UC Health Public Safety also utilizes a comprehensive Controlled Access System to monitor and regulate entry to the facility and other sensitive areas within the corporate headquarters, as well as the medical facilities.


Uniformed Officers patrol the UC Health Campus’s 24/7. Officers assigned outside patrol the numerous lots and buildings that make up the UC Health using marked 2007, 2010, & 2003 Chevy Impala’s or Trek Police Mountain bikes. Foot patrols are also conducted of each floor and Nursing Units several times during each officer’s shift. Our officers are encouraged to seek out ways to improve the quality of the service they provide for patients, patrons and staff at the Health Alliance. The department actively investigates problems and incidents and searches for positive solutions that strengthen the safety and security of the UC Health Community.


Officers conduct a variety of services to make the environment as pleasant and as safe as possible. In addition to law enforcement and security measures, Officers provide a safety escort service to and from UC Health facilities, parking areas and motorist assists on Campus property. They respond to complaints and alarms, unlock and secure areas and buildings, and support the medical center's Emergency Preparedness Policies. As stated in our Mission Statement, the Department of Public Safety will provide a safe and secure environment for the Health Alliance. We will enforce all laws pertaining to orderly conduct while striving to embrace the Rite Core Values.  



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